£159.40 per case of 4 5litre bottles

  • Great on your toughest commercial or residential jobs
  • 3X as concentrated as other liquid detergents
  • pH: 10.32 RTU
  • Safe for stain-resistant carpet and wool
  • Variable dilutions

Chemspec Liquid Formula 90 was specifically developed to meet today's toughest cleaning challenges. Compared to competing brands and powders, this phosphate-free formula leaves behind less residue, has a lower pH, and is sold at a remarkably lower price!


This heavy-duty, Liquid Formula 90 is a highly concentrated, triple-strength detergent that can be used with truck mounts and portables.


Liquid Formula 90 is a clear-colored, viscous liquid formulation that is instantly soluble in water, so you just mix it and use it. Packed full of active ingredients, Formula 90 delivers excellent cleaning results at a price point so remarkable, it beats out the competition for cost effectiveness.


Additionally, Liquid Formula 90 is lightly buffered, so no matter what your dilution ratio may be, it packs a guaranteed punch.


WoolSafe and CRI certified when diluted at highest level.

Formula 90 Liquid (4x5 litre)